Residential Development Electrical Services

Krueger Electrical knows how important it is to have everything installed safely and accurately. From small repairs to large projects with over 200 units, our staff of over 60 certified professional electricians are available every step of the way.

Working along side with developers, architect’s, interior design and home owners to provide excellent service along with competitive pricing is Krueger Electric’s commitment.

Types of Projects Include:
  • Family & Multi Dwelling
  • Condominium’s
  • High-Rise & Low- Rise Apartments
  • Custom Luxury Homes
  • Senior/ Social economic Living
  • Student Housing Developments
  • Solar Power
Why solar? Why now?
Solar has become more mainstream especially as electricity prices continue to rise.
  • Solar power is a very reliable method to offset your electricity consumption.
  • Return on investment has greatly increased (10-12 years on average).
  • Adding Solar to your home will increase your property value.
  • Since 1977 solar PV power costs have decreased by 100 X.
  • PST exempt.
  • Homebuilders have had to keep up with green building practices and solar PV is a great way to do so.
  • Installations are quick and painless typically 2-3 days for the average size system.
  • A typical system life expectancy is 30 years.
  • Batteries are only required for off-grid customers, utility connected customers tie directly to the grid, therefore the utility is your battery.

Residential Development Projects


Our first experience with Krueger Electrical was the best. With prompt polite service, professional courtesy and first rate knowledge, we would have no hesitation in using their services again.

Judith Buckley
Building Manager
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